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David Boston drags a scummer for a TD

ATTENTION: DATA NEEDED I am working on adding some more stuff to the site, including attendance data for all home games, and all-time individual seasonal rushing, receiving, and passing stats. I do not have access to all of this data. I am looking for attendance data for many pre-1996 home games, and, most importantly, complete individual seasonal rushing, receiving, and passing totals for Buckeye players in the years 1977-1995. An ideal source would be the OSU Media Guides from these seasons if you have them. I am going to see what is available at the OSU Library, but if you have access to data for these seasons, it would be greatly appreciated. So please email me at bcheipp@yahoo.com if you can help in anyway. I will be sure to credit you for your contribution if you wish.

I have put together some spreadsheets with information on the date and score of each of the 1,154 OSU games, the Bucks' year-by year record, and OSU's record v. each opponent.  These are based on the data contained in Jack Park's tremendous Ohio State Football Encyclopedia, which is a must-have for devoted Buckeye fans.  Hopefully you can play around with them and find some useful nuggets of information.


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