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Here are some books that I recommend.  This is not an exhaustive list--these are the ones I have recalled off the top of my head.  Just because I don't recommend it doesn't mean it's a bad book.  For instance, I enjoyed Jules Tygiel's Jackie Robinson book(the name escapes me right now), but it's not a book that I would urge you to go out and read--RIGHT NOW.  These are.   I have not actually read Woody's books but let's be honest--they were written by Woody, they are the greatest books in the history of civilization.
OSU Sports
Brondfield, Jerry--Woody Hayes and the 100-Yard War
Bruce, Earle--Earle: A Coach's Life
Bynum, Mike--Woody Hayes: The Man & His Dynasty
Caryer, Lee--The Golden Age of Ohio State Basketball
Greenberg, Steve--I Remember Woody
Greenberg, Steve--Ohio State '68: All the Way to the Top
Hayes, Woody--Hotline to Victory
Hayes, Woody--You Win With People
Hornung, Paul--Woody Hayes: A Reflection
Hunter, Bob--The Buckeyes
Hunter, Bob--Buckeye Basketball
Lombardo, John--A Fire to Win
Natali, Alan--Woody's Boys
Park, Jack--The Ohio State Football Encyclopedia
Skipton, Todd--A Shot at a Rose, to the Bite of a Gator
Snook, Jeff(editor)--What it Means to be a Buckeye
Tatum, Jack--They Call Me Assasin
Vare, Robert--Buckeye: A Study of Coach Woody Hayes and the Ohio State Football Machine
Albert, Jim & Bennett, Jay--Curve Ball
Davenport, Clay(et al)--Baseball Prospectus(1998-)
James, Bill--The Baseball Abstract(1982-1988)
James, Bill--The Historical Baseball Abstract(old version, not new)
James, Bill--Whatever Happened to the Hall of Fame?
Lewis, Michael--Moneyball
Palmer, Pete & Thorn, John--The Hidden Game of Baseball
Tango, Tom; Lichtman, Mickey; Dolphin, Andy--The Book
Runquist, Willie--Baseball By the Numbers
Wright, Craig--The Diamond Apprasied
Baseball History/Fiction/et al
Angell, Roger--Five Seasons
Asinof, Eliot--Eight Men Out
Boswell, Tom--How Life Imitates the World Series
Boswell, Tom--Why Time Begins on Opening Day
Carroll, Bob--Baseball Between the Lies
Halberstam, David--October 1964
Helyar, John--Lords of the Realm
Nemec, David--Great Baseball Feats, Facts, and Firsts
Nemec, David--The Great Encyclopedia of Nineteenth Century Major League Baseball
Rice, Damon--Seasons Past
Sokolove, Michael--Hustle
Soloman, Burt--The Baseball Timeline
Weaver, Earl--Weaver on Strategy
Whiting, Robert--You Gotta Have Wa
Zimbalist, Andrew--Baseball and Billions
Zoss, Joel--Diamonds in the Rough
Baseball Reference
James, Bill & Baseball Info Solutions--Bill James Handbook(2003-)
Neft, David & Cohen, Richard--Sports Encyclopedia: Baseball
Palmer, Pete & Gilette, Gary--The Baseball Encyclopedia
Palmer, Pete & Thorn, John--Total Baseball
Other Sports
Harris, David--The League: The Rise and Decline of the NFL
NFL--NFL Record and Fact Book