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The miracle man from Massilon

Paul Brown was coach at Ohio State for just three years(1941-1943), but he left an undeniable mark on Buckeye history.  His 1942 team was the first OSU team to be recognized as National Champions.  The 1944 team, built with his recruits, would roll to a perfect season and the title of "National Civillian Champions".  Among the greats brought in by Coach Brown were Bill Willis and Les Horvath.  He left OSU after 1943 to join the Navy, and after the war became the head coach of the Browns.  He was a candidate for the OSU job in 1951, but it went to Coach Hayes instead.  Coach Brown once said "My first two years at Ohio State were the happiest, most exciting, and most rewarding period of my life, better in some respect than the years in Cleveland, because coaching the Buckeyes had been my ultimate dream."
  • Paul Eugene Brown
  • born September 7, 1908 in Norwalk
  • quaterback at Massilon
  • started college at OSU in 1926, but transferred to Miami after one year
  • 1930-31, coach at Severn Prep in Maryland
  • 1932-1940, coach at Massilon(80-8-2)
  • state champions 1935-1940
  • Browns head coach, 1946-1962
  • won 1946-1949 AAFC titles, 1950 and 1954-55 NFL titles
  • founder and head coach of Bengals, 1968-1975
  • innovator in the area of playbooks, extensive use of game film, radio communication with quarterback, pass protection pocket,draw play, split ends, and 4-3 defense
  • died August 5, 1991, in Cincinnati