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Scott Lewis

This is not going to be a complete listing by any means.  I don't really care about the records for most counting stats--if I was going to do a leaderboard I would want stuff like RC and Adjusted OPS and the like--too much work.  What I'm doing for now is just listing records that for some reason interest me.  I always have been fascinated by no-hitters and high strikeout games, and so that is what I'm starting with.
No-hitters(all 7 innings unless noted)
Don Grate, v Indiana, W 6-1, 6/2/1944(9 innings)
Bill Soter & Ron Disher, v Pittsburgh, W 8-1, 4/2/1955
Joe Sparma, v Michigan, W 3-0, 5/18/1963
Gene Rogers, v Purdue, W 6-0, 5/23/1969
Kerry Sabo, v Cleveland State, W 12-0, 4/16/1980
Bill Cunningham & Jeff Aurentz, v Bowling Green, W 4-1, 4/13/1982(8 innings)
Dave Mumaw, v Indiana, W 2-0, 4/23/1989
Eric Thompson, v Michigan State, W 3-0, 5/10/1998
Greg Prenger, v Oakland, W 2-0, 4/9/2003*
Alex Wimmers, v Michigan, W 6-0, 5/2/2009(9 innings)
* perfect game
High Strikeout Games
20--Scott Lewis, v Purdue, 4/11/2003
20--Steve Arlin, v Washington State, 6/10/1965(CWS)(15 innings)
18--Bill Gable, v Kent State, 3/30/1963(7 innings)
16--Scott Lewis, v Indiana, 4/19/2003