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Coach Francis Schmidt displays his gold pants

Record: 7-1
Coach: Francis Schmidt
Selectors: None

10/5                      Kentucky                W, 19-6
10/12                    Drake                      W, 85-7
10/19                    Northwestern          W, 28-7
10/26                    @Indiana                 W, 28-6
11/2                      Notre Dame            L, 18-13
11/9                      @Chicago                W, 20-13
11/16                    Illinois                      W, 6-0
11/23                    @Michigan               W, 38-0
QB Stan Pincura
HB Dick Heekin
HB John Bettridge/Frank Boucher
FB John Kabealo/Frank Antenucci
E Trevor Rees
E Merle Wendt
C Gomer Jones
G Inwood Smith
G Jim Karcher/Gust Zarnas
T Charley Hamrick
T Ernie Roush/Gilbert Harre

The case:
In 1935, undefeated Minnesota and 12-1 SMU shared the national title.  Like SMU, Ohio State lost just one game.  The Bucks were considered the best team in the country by many until their fluke loss to Notre Dame in a game that is still mentioned as one of the greatest ever played.  Losing to the Irish, a powerhouse team in their own right, is no disgrace though.  If SMU can take the title with one loss, than so can the Buckeyes.

All-American end Merle Wendt