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This page deals with Bill James' new evaluation method, Win Shares.  I am not a big fan at all of the Win Shares method, but maybe I will add more reasons for that later.  For now, I suggest that you start by reading some of Tango Tiger's articles on WS here:
Anyway, for some strange reason I wasted several hours making a spreadsheet to calculate APPROXIMATE win shares, and so I figure I should share it with anyone who may be interested.  The WS methodology has been followed as exactly as I could, with these exceptions:
Differences between spreadsheet and actual WS:          
1. Holds are not included  
2. Actual RC and ERC formulas are not used  
3. Park Factors must be entered by you--they can be the same if you'd like  
4. There is no special rounding done  
5. Some defensive restrictions that James said were not needed often have been excluded

Other than that, it should be precise.  I cannot guarantee, though, that there have been no mistakes made in entering the formulas, as I am a lazy bum and did not bother checking all of them for accuracy, other than to verify that the results of each was reasonable. 

This spreadsheet will give you WS for an individual team, so it would be somewhat of a hassle to do a whole league, because you would have to go through the spreadsheet completely 14 or 16 times.  It is based on the 1987 and onward WS methodology and is not applicable before them.  The spreadsheet currently gives the calculations and data for the 1994 Cleveland Indians.

UPDATE: 10/14/03--I have corrected it, but if you have downloaded this spreadsheet prior to today, it has an error.  Cell J14 should say "=T3", not 494.  Thanks to "MAX" for the correction.

Win Shares Spreadsheet