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One of Woody Hayes' heroes, General William Tecumseh Sherman

This page just gives a list of some of the reasons why I love Ohio.  This list is by no means complete, and never will be, because there are literally thousands of reasons to love Ohio.
  • I was born here
  • Ohio is home to some of the great military heroes of the United States, including General William Tecumseh Sherman, General Ulysses Simpson Grant, General George Armstrong Custer, General Curtis LeMay, and Eddie Richenbacher
  • Ohio is home to eight U.S. presidents, more than any other state: William Henry Harrison, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinely, William Howard Taft, and Warren G. Harding
  • All of the aforementioned Presidents were either Whigs or Republicans
  • Our state government is now completely dominated by Republicans
  • The hot dog was invented by Harry Stevens in Columbus
  • The Wright Brothers are from Ohio, as is Neal Armstrong and John Glenn(good war/space here, crappy liberal politician)
  • The greatest golfer of all-time, Jack Nicklaus, is from Dublin and went to Ohio State
  • The greatest runner of all-time, Jesse Owens, went to Ohio State
  • Ohio is basically the birthplace of football as we know it.  By 1900, Ohio was the football capital of the world and still is.  We are home to the Football Hall of Fame in Canton, which is where the NFL was started in 1920.
  • The first admittedly proffesional baseball team, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, are from Ohio
  • So many great baseball players have come from Ohio: Cy Young, Roger Clemens, Mike Schmidt, Rollie Fingers, Phil Niekro, Buck Ewing, while Lefty Grove lived in Ohio for the last 20 years of his life and Sandy Koufax attended college at Cincinnati.
  • Cleveland was one of the birth places of rock and roll, and is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Cleveland was the first city in the world to install traffic lights